Est 1990 - Breeders of Baroque riding horses

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Above: Karen-Maree' Kaye training young PRE mare

    Karen-Maree’ Kaye began breeding Baroque horses in 1990. Her love of Classical Equitation led to the development of the Classical Sporthorse Stud (CSS) and she is the 'world founder' of the Warlander breed.

     The emphasis of the Classical Sporthorse Stud is to produce 'beautiful' baroque riding horses who have a 'high degree of trainability' and the functional ability (conformation) to perform reliably through to advanced training. Simply, CSS horses are bred for rideability. 

     "The way I achieve this is to have a strong mare base including first, second and third generation CSS bred mare lines. I only breed with horses known for producing exceptional temperaments in their progeny - who are themselves proven under saddle and that have 'direct' and often 'multiple' lineages to proven performance horses (Olympic, FEI dressage and High School Classical Equitation). I train all of my breeding horses to ascertain their willingness, work ethic and ability to learn because my experience has shown me that these qualities are inherited," says Karen-Maree'.

     "I do not breed for the sake of having something to sell, nor for a colour fad. I breed baroque horses because I love them, and I want to produce the 'best' possible outcome in temperament, ability, movement and racial type.

     "We prefer to breed fewer 'better quality' horses and keep them until adult hood - giving them a solid start in life in all aspects including education so that they receive the future they deserve.

     CSS has a unique Friesian breeding program whereby we concentrate our efforts on producing STAM 50 line progeny (the highest rated Friesian mother line for producing Approved Stallions) from dams who carry the two smallest Friesian blood lines - Age 168 and Ritske 202 Preferent. Our preference is for the 'baroque' style of Friesian horse which best compliments our Warlander breeding program.

"Our Warlander breeding program is aimed at producing horses correct to the racial standard of the breed (Warlander Breed Standard) whilst our Andalusian horses are taller, elegant and suited towards competitive dressage pursuits," Karen-Maree' finishes.  

     Since its inception, the Classical Sporthorse Stud has built a solid reputation for producing quality horses that have shone in commercial work (movies, television series and commercials), show horses, dressage, driving and pleasure horses. 

Horses from the stud have represented and placed Australia in International Competition (World Cup Level), been National Champions of their breed, State Champions of their breed under saddle, movie horses and importantly for Karen-Maree' have been and are in homes where they are loved and cherished.

Pictured below: Main Studbook Warlander -  CS Invictus