Est 1990 - Breeders of Baroque riding horses

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Above all else, the Classical Sporthorse Stud is an 'ethical' breeder. 

Integrity is the corner stone of our stud and we cannot in good conscience breed horses for the sake of having something to sell; particularly, when we see good horses in Australia ending up in sale yards or worse still - being left to starve.


We don't breed our mares every year - nor the same combinations of breeding.


From conception to adulthood, our horses are given every opportunity to develop to their 'optimum' both physically and mentally. Correct feeding (no processed or chemically treated foods), mineral and vitamin regime, good quality pasture, vaccinations, hoof care, teeth and every aspect of their welfare is thorough and consistent. During the day they are on pasture in a safe horse friendly environment where they can develop good social skills. Our stallion is socialised and all our horses live in a 'family environment' both day and night.


From birth they receive an ongoing 'kind, calm and educated' training methodology that is based on constant reward. This creates a happy, respectful horse with a big personality who wants to please. Importantly, they are given time to just be 'horses' and grow and develop physically.

It goes without saying that their future well-being is our 'number one' priority. We will only sell our horses to 'like minded' riders / trainers / breeders. We prefer to breed less, better quality horses - keeping them until adulthood and starting them under saddle (minimum 4 - 5 years)  giving them a thorough basic education based on 'classical principals'  before they find their new 'forever' friend in life. In fairness to our horses we will not sell to dealers, uneducated riders or novice owners. 


CSS breeds purebred Friesian, purebred Andalusian (grey or black) and Warlander (black).

Recent Sales (2016)

7 year old PRE mare started under saddle with extensive education on longe and in hand. Sold as a riding horse.