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There will never be a day I don't miss my beautiful man, my best friend, my love.

Domino was the kindest of souls who had an incredible work ethic and just wanted to please. At a time when people poo poo'd the idea of a Friesian horse doing Classical Equitation; Domino proved them wrong as he advanced through to the High School in his training and was used as a public display horse.  A tremendous sire, he has left behind a legacy of pure bred Friesian, Warlander and Warmblood Friesian horses in Australia who continue to give their owners much enjoyment. He is the sire of the world's 'first' Warlander horse so we see him as the 'father' of the breed. We are blessed to be able to continue his line with our Friesian mare Margriet - his great grand daughter and have his Warlander son CS Invictus who is continuing in his father's foot steps in the beautiful art of the high school.

CLASSIQUE HEIDI - 1990 - 2012

Undoubtedly the world’s most famous Friesian partbred - Classique Heidi left CSS as much loved and well handled three year old. To prepare her for her new home, Karen-Maree' gave her  six weeks basic education to ridden work  before she went to her new home with Evanne Chesson of Australian Movie Livestock where she went straight onto a movie set.

Heidi’s international movies, television series and commercials are too many to list.

With her sisters - Classique Jessamin and Classique Melody; who either performed as Heidi’s double or in their own right - you will see them in Ghost Rider (Nicholas Cage), Ned Kelly (Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom), Ready to Run (Walt Disney), Noahs Ark, and Equus.

Heidi starred as the lead character 'Moshi' (with Jessamin as her double) in the Jonathon Shiff produced television series ‘Thunderstone series I, II and III and Ocean Girl.

Her last appearance before she sadly passed at 20 years of age was in 2012 as a character in her own right in the pilot 'Frontier’.

Heidi’s commercials included Budweiser, Whitman’s Chocolates and New Zealand National Bank to name a few.

RANGEMORE ZAFIRA - 2001 - 2018

It was heart breaking to say goodbye to this beautiful soul. 

I called her 'missy moo' and loved her quirky nature. She was kind, sweet and sensitive - a quality purebred Andalusian mare that you don't come across often. She was the full sister to at that time, the highest rated FEI dressage purebred Andalusian in Asia Pacific - Rangemore MIkardo and we are thankful that we have her son CS Invictus (Warlander).