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Harmony Hills Astor

Sire: Mayville Lodge Nicholas (4 x National Champion)  

Dam: Harmony Hills Maxine (Romerito II USA)

Consistently flatters the mare he is crossed with

About him

Bred by Harmony Hills, Astor is a tall elegant black stallion carrying the red gene and stands at 16.2 hands. He is a pre-potent sire who passes on his laid back and calm, people orientated highly trainable nature, his ability to easily collect and extend and always a beautiful head and correct conformation

His genetics

He is the only black son of 4 x National Champion and high school trained Mayville Lodge Nicholas (dec’d).  His dam's sire is the 17 hand PRE stallion Romerito II who was bred in Spain, born in Germany, and  exported to the USA in 1999. Romerito's unusual height and athleticism made him the dream of Classical dressage enthusiasts world-wide and he was highly prized for his intelligent, gentle and people-orientated nature

Progeny & Service

Purebred Andalusian and Warlander progeny of Astor can be purchased from the Classical Sporthorse Stud and he is available for 'walk in walk out' only' live cover (hand served) to local mares (subject to breeding history, clean swab and no maidens)

Outside Stallions

We also used outside stallions through AI and frozen semen that are complimentary to the type and standards we have

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