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Harmony Hills Astor
Sire: Mayville Lodge Nicholas  -- Dam: Harmony Hills Maxine

This is one 'exceptional' Andalusian purebred colt...

     Astor is the only 'black' son of the high school trained stallion Mayville Lodge Nicholas (dec'd) who was renowned for his people orientated nature and work ethic. 

     Astor's dam is by the 17 hand PRE stallion Romerito II who was bred in Spain, born in Germany and imported to USA in 1999. 
     Romerito's unusual height and athleticism made him the dream of Classical dressage enthusiasts world-wide and he was highly prized for his intelligent, gentle and people orientated nature. 

     Astor has inherited both of these stallions exceptional natures and he is 'tall' - measuring 16.2hh at three years of age.

     Astor is a 'gentle soul' with movement to boot - ground covering with a natural extension.

     Astor will be used in our breeding program to produce Warlander and Spanish purebreds. After he has more formal education under saddle and we have produced progeny from him to ascertain his breeding capabilities we will stand him at public stud (chilled semen) to select mares only. 

     We can see him benefiting mare owners who are looking  to improve temperament, height, conformation, extension and 'beauty'.

Below: Andalusian colt Harmony Hills Astor on seventh day of education to saddle. Ridden by Leah Dowson