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About Us.

  Established in 1990 by Karen-Maree' Kaye, Classical Sporthorse Stud (CSS) breeds and trains (Classical trainer with over 30 years practical and theoretical experience) high-quality horses of baroque type including the Warlander (purebred Friesian x Iberian) which was created by CSS, the traditional Andalusian and baroque Friesian.

  We are dedicated to producing the most beautiful, well conformed horses with superior trainability and superb movement and are committed to the highest standards in ethics, breeding for purpose and care and well-being of our horses. 

Breeding for purpose


We believe that trainability and work ethic comes from purpose breeding. To this end, for over three decades we have ensured the horses we breed are endowed on both sire and dam line within the first four generations with World Champions, prolific FEI horses from Medium advanced through to Grand Prix, Olympic Medallists (dressage), advanced high school horses and international dressage super sires.


People orientated, calm and willing - Our horses are unspoilt. From birth they have been handled correctly on a daily basis by an experienced classical trainer giving them the time and experiences they need to lay the foundation for a calm and accepting nature. They are all late weaned at around one year old and have much exposure to outside stimulus including machinery, transport, stabling and learn to interact with a variety of animals including other horses, kangaroos, camels, sheep, alpacas and dogs. They live in a family environment - both human and with each other.​

Conformation & Health

We are sticklers for correct conformation that allows for a naturally balanced horse that has correct gaits and can ‘collect’ easily. Our horses are bred for soundness, good health (no genetic defects), longevity and fertility - and they are stunningly beautiful.

Who do our horses suit?

Testament that for over 30 years our horses have been the supervised mounts of amateurs - children and adults alike, the majority with no horse experience in many demanding sport and commercial settings (movies, television series and commercials) proves their outstanding natures.

Our horses are suited to the educated amateur or expert alike and are known to look after their riders. Their owners/riders include teenagers through to mature riders – from pleasure to Grand Prix.  

Our Achievements

• Bred several World Cup level competitors who placed Australia in international competition

 • CSS bred horses used on international movies including Omni, Walt Disney, television series and commercials. So highly prized they were only used for lead actors and ridden by children on the television series Thunderstone. Actors included Heath Ledger, Sam Elliot, John Voight, Mary Steenburgen and Clancy Brown to name a few

 • Developed the Warlander race (Andalusian x Friesian hybrid) in 1990, penned the first breed standard, and chose the name “Warlander”. At this time there were no other breeders in the world producing this cross. 

 • Bred and owned numerous show winners (breed and ridden) up to National Champion level in breed and open company (large fields)

 • Produced many competitive mounts scoring 70 percent plus consistently in dressage   


 • CSS horses are the foundation of many Australian breeding programs 

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