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Breeding high quality horses 100% of the time

CSS has been breeding horses for over 30 years who are specifically suited for High School (Classical Dressage). The horses CSS offers for sale are full brothers and sisters of horses I keep myself for training in this beautiful art. I guarantee you that I do 'sell' my best horses.

As our horses are purpose bred for a higher discipline they are suitable for a wide variety and multiple pursuits including Working Equitation, Dressage (FEI, Academic and Classical), Driving, Show and Breeding.

Breeding horses means to me that you need to get right every time.

I use a formula that is based my own experience as a trainer (High School), 30+ years of producing elite competition and commercial horses, plus five generations use of specific bloodlines that are proven to produce correct conformation, superior trainability, sport aptitude, good health, longevity and fertility. 

From my experience, 'true’ trainability (not just a nice character) is bred and all of our horses are stacked on ‘both’ sire and dam line (within 4 generations) with World Champions, prolific FEI horses from Medium advanced through to Olympic Medallist (Dressage), many advanced High School horses and International dressage Super Sires.

Without form there is no function so I produce horses with the correct dimensions and placements to allow them to perform easily at the highest levels.                                                     Karen-Maree' Kaye


Bred several World Cup level competitors who placed Australia in international competition

•CSS horses used on international movies including Walt Disney, television series and commercials. “So highly prized they were only used for lead actors and ridden by children on the television series Thunderstone. Actors included Heath Ledger, Sam Elliot, John Voight, Mary Steenburgen and Clancy Brown” Australian Movie Livestock

•Developed the Warlander race (Andalusian x Friesian hybrid) in 1990, penned the first breed standard, chose the name “Warlander” and in 2000 passed this to USA who formed the international Mother Studbook. Now in 2022, Warlander horses are registered (through Mother Book – Warlander Studbook Society) in 22 countries and assessed on a World Standard

•Bred and owned numerous show winners (breed and ridden) up to National Champion level

•CSS horses have consistently gone to high level trainers and students of equestrian art

•CSS horses are the foundation of many breeding programs and their genetic worth is continuing to show in future generations


Karen-Maree' Kaye training young PRE mare 

CS Invictus Main Studbook Warlander

Heath Ledger - Ned Kelly with Classique Heidi and Classique Melody

Nicholas Cage - Ghost Rider

Karen-Maree' Kaye - Classical Sporthorse Stud


Producing Stam 50 baroque Friesian horses from the Ritske 202 Preferent line who possess superior trainability, a dog like nature, good movement (as judged by KFPS), and a long lineage of horses with proven sport aptitude. This line is free of genetic defects and is known for its health, longevity and fertility. The Friesian horses CSS breed are low in inbreeding coefficient (0 – 0.02%) and are registered with the Mother Studbook KFPS.


Producing world-class first and second generation Warlander horses that have been bred specifically to the International Breed Standard which places high emphasis on conformation and type.

Our Warlander horses are registered in the highest appendix with the Mother Studbook WSS and will be assessed on International Standards. They are also registered with the AHAA Australia


Producing exceptionally beautiful Andalusian horses with the foundation from Harmony Hills breeding. They are taller, finer and possess exceptional suspension and extension… plus they have a gorgeous character. Our Andalusian horses are registered with the AHAA Australia.

Part of the family

I will never breed more horses than I can handle myself in order to give each of them their best lives.

My horse’s mental and physical well-being comes first. They live in a herd environment so everyone has company including the stallion. They all have room to stretch their legs, play and be 'horses'. 

CSS has consistently good support including farrier, specialist veterinarians, local and interstate transporters and the horses are fed a low starch/sugar diet and have good natural forage all year round.

I late wean my foals (from yearling onwards) to ensure they have the longest most natural child hood, playing with their friends and learning from their mothers.

CSS runs over two properties in the Swan Valley of Perth and have excellent and safe equine facilities.

CSS horses get used to being stabled, yarded, being in a herd, camels, alpaca’s, dogs, adults, children and babies, trucks, bobcats, tree loppers and mulchers, quads and more, are always professionally handled in a kind, calm and educated manner. 

I work hard to keep their beautiful natures intact whilst ensuring they are calm well-mannered citizens.

Karen-Maree’ Kaye and Valentino El Domino Classique

The Warlander was born at the Classical Sporthorse Stud

The search for my ‘ideal’ horse to train in Classical dressage (high school) began in the late 1980’s leading me to the conclusion that I would need to breed it.

Enter the Friesian and a stunning big stallion from the Tsjalling 235 Pref (Ritske 202 Pref) line who I originally crossed with my thoroughbred dressage mares. Loving the results, I purchased my first Friesian, a stallion Valentino El Domino Classique who was predominantly Age 168 (classic) and Ritske 202 Pref (baroque) lines.

Domino lived for 26 years and I trained him to high school.

With his conformation in mind, I looked for a complimentary breed that could improve the ride ability and form. There began my love for the Andalusian and I purchased several mares one of which I bred to him.

In 1990, I started to write my breed standard of my ideal horse. I called it the Warlander.

The Warlander had to have the docility of the old style Friesian, the willingness and athleticism of the Andalusian - a baroque horse in type, ideally around 15.3hh, round with good bone, a flowing topline with an elevated well set neck with plenty of room at the throat and poll. A horse that could collect effortlessly and give a Rolls Royce smooth ride.

The first born Warlander, Dominador CS lived up to expectations.

With my agreement, in 2000, a Mother Studbook for the Warlander was formed in the USA. In 2012, the Mother Studbook came back to Australia and nowadays there are over 22 countries in the world with WSS registered Warlander horses.

It is no doubt that in the 16th Century Spanish stallions bred with the native Friesian horses in the Netherlands, however this was the first time that this hybrid cross had a future direction and standards.

Warlander horses are nowadays assessed internationally on the Warlander Studbook Society Breed Standard. To find out more visit 


Main Studbook Warlander foaled 2020 (HH Astor x Margriet)

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