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HH Hills Astor

We all deserve that once in a lifetime horse...

Each year, Classical Sporthorse Stud will make available a selection of beautifully bred horses for your consideration. We aim to offer horses of appropriate age (physical maturity) that have been started under saddle (from 4 years old) but do have younger horses for those who wish to bond with them from an earlier age


The foundation

With a strong Classical Equitation background spanning over 30 years, we train and nurture our horses from birth and give them thoughtful ground work preparation. This includes in hand work and introduction to the longe when they have reached an appropriate physical maturity. The work is aimed at balance, straightness and building correct muscle. They learn the aids and voice commands that will prepare them for ridden work

When do we start them

We start our horses ourselves – and only when they have reached an appropriate age, muscle mass and strength. The experienced rider is light weight (55 kilo’s), rides in a forward seat so not to load the back and this is never before 3.5 years of age, is for a short period then the horse is spelled. More usually though, we start horses closer to four years of age as the spine has not fully fused until they are six years old and we want our horses to be riding partners for you well into their older years. The foundation our horses receive will be with them for life


All Andalusian purebreds will be registered with the AHAA, Friesian horses with the KFPS and Warlander horses in the Main Studbook of the International register - Warlander Studbook Society and with the AHAA.


We believe so strongly in the high quality of our Warlander horses that we will pay for Assessment to the breed standard for all of  them at three years of age (the age they can be assessed) to give you total piece of mind that you are purchasing the highest quality Warlander horses available in Australia.

We have horses available now...

We have horses available now so if you can offer a 5* home where they can continue to flourish please call me to discuss on 0430 153 273.

Karen-Maree' Kaye

To find out more about the Warlander horse internationally, please visit

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