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Our mare herd

Our mare herd is built on the Ritske 202 Preferent line (Baroque Friesian type)

and traditional Andalusian lines from a strong Carthusian base

Correct conformation, temperament, trainability and rideability – everything we want the offspring to inherit


Our Friesian line comes from generations of straight Ritske 202 Pref line breeding (baroque Friesian line) and traces back to our original sire - high school trained Friesian stallion - Valentino El Domino Classique. Horses of note within our Ritske line nclude the prolific sire of dressage horses Ludse 305 and world champion Arjen 417 Sport (Prix St George) both in the second generation. In the third generation are three high level sport horses - Inter I, Prix St George, and High School.


Our Friesian mare line is KFPS registered, free of genetic defects and produces horses of true baroque type with exceptional bone, movement and a low inbreeding coefficient (0.00 - 0.02% with chosen stallions). This line produces healthy horses with good longevity, high sport aptitude, fertility, and generation after generation produces the most loving kind natures


Our Andalusian mares are built on a strong Carthusian base and we have the only female horses in Australia carrying the Olympic dressage medalist Oleaje. Oleaje was the first specimen of the breed (Spain) to achieve the distinction of "Qualified" and was also recognized with the category of specimen, "Improving" in morphological aptitude for the classic dressage.

Our Andalusian lines are Heterozygous and carry the red gene

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